Specialist Support Coordination

A Specialist Support Coordinator offers a higher level of support coordination which may include managing complex challenges in health, education, or housing.

Specialised Support Coordination is a higher level of support coordination, focusing on reducing the complexity in a participant’s support environment and helping to overcome immediate and significant barriers in the NDIS plan implementation.

Specialised support coordinators help participants and their families to:

Address complex barriers that affect participant’s ability to access and maintain appropriate support by:

  • Identifying and understanding the barriers impacting the participant’s ability to access, use, and maintain supports
  • Establish processes and find the best solutions to address barriers.
  • Collaborate with various government agencies to achieve compliance management.

Design service plans to address significant complexities in their life that include:

  • Services that work effectively and cohesively together to assist the participants to work towards their goals
  • Establish processes to promote communication, collaboration, and cooperation within the participant’s networks
  • Assist participants, their families, and carers to resolve issues
  • Ensure consistent delivery of services and access to required supports

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