Support Coordination

Enhancing participants’ ability to manage and direct their own services is the purpose of support coordination.

A support coordinator plays the role of researching and recommending a variety of supports that best suit your goals. Our primary goal is to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, live an independent life, and be part of a greater community.  

Our support coordinators will showcase all available and practical options to you as the participant and allow for the choice and control to remain in your hands.  

If your NDIS plan includes Support Coordination, our qualified and experienced support coordinators are available to provide guidance all through the process. We support our participants and their families by: 

  • Assisting with budget management and negotiating prices and services 
  • Discussing what type of care required 
  • Supporting with NDIS plan review 
  • Implementing allied health program 
  • Assisting with housing 

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